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The "Sweet Potato" story...

It all started with a simple hand-written birthday card created by a four year old nephew to his favourite (self-titled) Uncle. The card was made with love complete with lots of fun drawings and stickers and five years on it still has pride of place on my desk. 

Combining this keep sake card with the forever battles and lolly negotiations of getting him away from the screens for five minutes to simply draw or write “Granny” and “Pop” a birthday card, the idea (and inspiration) for Sweet Potato was formed.

Sweet Potato Card creator and founder - Corey Taylor - draws on his print industry expertise and knowledge to take this simple, yet heartfelt idea off the ground. Our range of inspirational cards, posters, postcards, bookmarks and more have been designed to inspire kids to find creative ways to connect with the ones they love the most.

The card that started it all...

Bouncing between the fridge and the work desk, this is the card that doesn’t venture too far! Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that we cherish the most.

We sincerely hope that Sweet Potato Cards helps to inspire your creative kids to connect with the ones they love the most - turning their creativity into keepsakes that are held onto forever as well.

We're always exploring new products and ideas and welcome your feedback... We sincerely thank you for the support and can't wait to see just how far we can take things! 

Our Vision...

Our aim is to keep growing and helping kids to find a little bit of inspiration in the everyday – being creative in connecting with the people they love.

Created, designed and made in Melbourne, Australia - we take great pride in bringing our Sweet Potato world to life.

We hope you and your little people enjoy the characters and products!!!

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